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So, here we are, a few weeks before the beginning of the Football World Cup!

To celebrate this event, I would like to create competition between my, for now, 32 girls!

Every girl is in 4-girls group, and there is 8 groups, like in the World Cup.

And then, here is your role: vote for your favorite girl of each group!

You can vote for the girl you prefer in the actual group during 2 days, then, it's the turn of the next group.

For each group, the 2 most favorited girls are qualified for the final phase, with girls duels. Then, classic competition: 1/8, quarter-finals, semi, and the Final!!
If there is a draw between the 2nd and the 3rd, The Supreme Judge will choose the girl. Who's the Supreme Judge? My wife.

You can find more infos about each girls in the my folder "Models - Girls" (Formerly: "Here comes a new character!" folder)…
----> I will add for each girl a link to her "Best Of" pictures.

Let see who is the most favorited girl!!

The World Cup Finale by SkatingJesus

Knockout Stage:

Knockout Stage 001 - Finals by SkatingJesus

Girls world Cup - Groups by SkatingJesus

So, the first step of the Girls World Cup is already over, so let's have a look on the results.
To be honest, there is a lot of surprises!

Group A: Even she's the heroine of one of my most favorited picture (The Desert Walk), Ana Maria is already out! I would have believe Olga would finish 3rd, but no! Great performance!

Group B: No real surprise in this one,  it's what I expected.

Group C: Tough group, I knew there would be tears... I'm a bit sad that Esmeralda is out, as she will be the heroine of my next comics, but all these girls had to suffer in such a hard group!

Group D: No big surprise there, Kelly was pretty sure to easily win that round.

Group E: Same for Sarah, my personal favorite, but I'm more surprised to see Juliet there, as I never did any picture of her (only her portrait). I should do more blonde girls?

Group F: Good game for Inge, not enough to pass. Sofia and Abi were planned to be the qualified there.

Group G: Both qualified girls are the ones I expected, but not in that order!

Group H: The other hard group. I'm a bit sad Chrissie didn't get qualified, but her sister (Kelly) will avenge her!


Skating Jesus

Girls World Cup: THE FINALE - Vote for your favorite Girl! VOTE ENDING: Sat 26th, 19.00 local time 

24 deviants said Sarah
23 deviants said Kelly


Jul 24, 2014
11:51 am
Jul 24, 2014
11:50 am
Jul 24, 2014
11:38 am
Jul 24, 2014
11:36 am
Jul 24, 2014
11:33 am


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SuperDittoHead Featured By Owner 2 days ago
My pleasure. And thank you for your renders!
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you're welcome!
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Thank for the watching! Thanks for everything! :iconsparklingsmileplz:
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You're welcome, you made pretty nice work!
kallemi Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2014
Dude your the best man hope you can answer my questions
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Send me a note, if you have some questions! :)
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Thank you very much for the fave, comments and watch :)
SkatingJesus Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2014
You're welcome. ;)

I love your Lara work, hope you will do more peril stuff with her!
Darshag Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2014
May be coming sooner than you think. Keep watching. :)
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