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February 8


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Reality2/Luxrender Vs. Octane.

I'm a Reality user for a few months, and as you can see in my gallery, it can produce some nice 3d works, thanks to the program's light calculation.

But the problem for my is that I'm using a Laptop (Msi gt70) to rendering pictures. As Luxrender does great job but takes ages to optimize the picture, I was quite worried about my computer's life, as Luxrender needs to left the computer running for, sometimes, 10 hours consecutively. And with a laptop, you can easily understand the cooling can be a bit hard. I have a Cooler Master, but when I put my hand on the air grids of the laptop, I can feel it's goddamn hot inside!

So, that why I looked at another solution, a faster one. And then, I found Octane.
I took the decision to buy a Octane licence quite lately, because the cost is far bigger: about 280€ for Octane, 40$ for Reality2 for Daz.

But Reality/Luxrender had some problems I couldn't avoid (some 3d faults, some bugs at launching, crashes, etc...),  and I was not sure the future Reality3 would correct all the elements which annoyed me in the Version 2, so I decided to buy Octane.

The first thing about Octane is the speed. They told on the 1st page of the site it's a really fast program... They didn't lied about it! It's fast, it's bloody fast!
To give an example, a picture which would have needed 5 hours with Reality, would needs 20 minutes with Octane. Incredibly fast!

But Octane is a monster you can't control easily. Nothing is automatic, you have to set everything manually. That was the good point for Reality, lot of 3d content were already set up for Reality. That's not the case with Octane. If you want to use a gold shader, for example, you will have to set the parameters for every texture of your mesh. Not very bad point, but it has to be said.

To be honest, I just started to use Octane, so there is a lot of features I still don't know how to use. I wil write another article in the future if I can discover new stuff!

So, the question is: Octane or Reality?
Well, I would say.... Why not Both?
Then, for someone who didn't experimented any of the two, and doesn't have time to work a lot on his renders, I would say Reality is far easier to use. It can produce very nice work (slowly), and the future R3 for Daz will allow SSS, for better skin results. Good point for Reality.
But for someone who is doing good with renders, who want to improve their skills, Octane is a good choice, even developping the program for Daz Studio seems to not be a priority for them. It's too a good choice if you want to create comics (so, a full serie of pictures). Reality would allow only 2 or 3 pics a day, when Octane can do 25 or 30!

+ Great price!
+ Easy to use, quite automatic
+ Good database for shaders (gold, rust, etc...)

- Very slow program, your computer would not be happy to endorse very hot temperature for long time.
- Quite limited if you like to seach at every possible details
- For my computer, crashes when I want to use the GPU acceleration.

+ Fast, very fast, veeeeeeeeery fast! Did I told you it's a fast program?
+ Tons of various parameters, far more than Reality. If you like to spend time in settings, you will be happy for life.
+Better integration of 3D meshes. Some problems I had with Reality (skin visible through the clothers, genitalia not stuck with the hips, etc...) had totally dissapeared with Octane.

- Expensive.
- Not very supported by the conceptors (Octane is more for 3ds Max, LightWave, Maya, Cinema4D, and other professionnal 3d programs), but the actual version can do a lot of stuff, more than Reality.
- Everything or nearly everything is manual, you have to set up every texture parameters.

This is, for now, what I think about about these two programs. But I have Octane for only 2-3 weeks, so I presume that some of the "bad points" I noticied for Octane are there only because I still don't know how to use correctly Octane!
More inthe next episode!
My first review of Reality/LUxrender and Octane, a few weeks after buying my Octane licence.
I will write a new article in a few months, when I will masterize Octane!
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CNC55 Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2014


I use Octane before, you could save the textures nodes set for a give mesh. This will save you some time if you reload the same mesh in a new scene. I am moving to Blender Cycles for render now, it is as fast that Octane is, and this way I will have more control over all the things (mesh fix is need, textures nodes, dynamic, ... etc).

SkatingJesus Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2014
Thanks a lot for this advice (and sorry for answering late!)!
I was pretty sure it was possible to save the materials settings, but to be honest, I have to learn so many things with that program, that I still don't know how to save the settings!

But my progress are fast enough, for my little skillls, for now, and I will take time for other Octane features when I will know how to do what I want for now.

thanks again!
CNC55 Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2014

Hi, I post 2 images to show you how we could save Octane mats nodes from the Poser plugin. We could use the same window to export or import back the mats for a give figure or object. Very easy to do, Octane will save as ".poc" files.

Here the link to the folder where I save the 2 images:…

Images name "OctaneA and OctaneB".

Good render, ;)

SkatingJesus Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2014
Very thanks for that!
CNC55 Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2014
You are welcome, ;)
sHoNi89 Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
THank you for your article! Did you purchased the Octane license single or with the Octane DAZ plugin too?
SkatingJesus Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2014
You have to buy both to make it work.
Daz Plugin+Octane licence. :)
firestorm31z Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
how much enchilada did that cost? LOL!
firestorm31z Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
never mind......  it was in the Octane review.   just re-read it.
firestorm31z Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
you should see about getting a dedicated PC for rendering instead of a laptop.  you have way more options on what you can put in there than you can with a laptop.

I wouldn't even try rendering on a laptop. LOL.  I have 2 computers, 1 laptop and a tower PC and a 3rd micro-PC that I retired (It had a different motherboard form that is not compatible.  Can't use the tower PC as the hard drive containing the programs died and I've yet to get around to getting it recovered.
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